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John's Senior Recital | Des Moines, IA | Events Photographer


A friend of our family graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College today! He and my 3-year-old daughter, Josefine, are buddies at church and I took her to his recital. She. Was. Elated. She wanted to get him a flower and a card! It was the cutest thing EVER to see her so thrilled about this Mommy/Daughter date night that included one of her favorite people. ;) I can't say I've ever seen a starstruck 3-year-old, but I did that night! And of course, I brought my camera for the occasion, and I was elated as Josefine to get some great shots! (Like Mother, Like Daughter).

Josefine excited to get all dressed up for John's recital. :)
Mama & Josefine ready for our date!
*smooches* Josefine had been talking about going to Flowerama for MONTHS. After that we went to Lemon Tree for samples... ;) I didn't take my camera in for that, though I do have an Instagram pic, haha! And here are some of the photos I took at the recital...loving these and how artsy they are! Congrats, John!

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